Terms and Conditions

Please see our Terms and Conditions below.  We reserve the right to change and refuse certain elements within our Terms and Conditions without notice or reason and by utilising the services of Caisley Cleaning you are agreeing to this and our Terms and Conditions.

Caisley Cleaning Client Terms and Conditions

The Caisley Cleaning Client Terms and Conditions are set out below, and detail the agreement to be made between the client (You/Your) and Caisley Cleaning (Us/Our/We).

All staff members who represent Caisley Cleaning are professionals who are DBS checked and are honest and trustworthy people.

Caisley Cleaning holds public liability insurance up to the value of £2,000,000 to ensure peace of mind for You and Your property.

Terms of Service

In employing the use of Our services, expectations are to be held on both sides. Terms of Service for the employment of Our services are broken down below into subsections. We reserve the right to change and refuse certain elements within our Terms and Conditions without notice or reason and by utilising the services of Caisley Cleaning you are agreeing to this and our Terms and Conditions.

Booking of Services - By booking Our services you agree to allow access to the premises on the date and for the duration of the time the booking is made for. The responsibility for ensuring you adhere to the booking falls to You. We will attend regardless unless unable to do so in which care you will be notified, as once the appointment is booked you are not entitled or guaranteed to receive any reminders prior to the appointment. You will receive an appointment confirmation email or text message detailing the dates and times and after this, nothing further until the date of the appointment where We may contectyou to let you know an estimated time of arrival.

The date and time of the appointment booked for Our services We will attend and undertake and complete the Services you have discussed and agreed the quote for. We will remain in the booking location(s) for the duration of the booked period, however if completion of the work is finished in less than the time quoted, We reserve the right to leave before the allotted time has completely lapsed and full payment will still be payable as quoted. If requested to by You we will leave however if the request is made by You or someone on your behalf, for Us to leave before the entire duration of the appointment time has elapsed, the full payment will be due regardless of tasks completed or time actually spent completing the services by Us.

Cancellation - Cancellation of our services due to unforeseen circumstances require 48 hours notice. Failure to provide 48 hours notice will result in the full charge for the appointment being payable with immediate effect.

Rearrangement of a cancelled appointment is never a problem and We will always strive to ensure a new appointment can be swiftly arranged to accommodate You and Your needs. Cancellation of an appointment with 48 or more hours notice is free of charge but only doable a maximum of

three times for one appointment before the full appointment is payable due to the inconvenience and administration involved in moving appointments and staffing costs/lost revenue.

All cancellations must be made via phone call or email.

Should We need to cancel for any reason, we will call you and or text and email in the first instance that the need for cancellation becomes realised. In doing so We will aim to ensure a satisfactory resolve is made and will strive to complete Our service you expect at the next available convenience. We may cancel at short notice and are not required to give a minimum period of notice. We aim to avoid cancellations although sometimes they may be unavoidable. If we cancel for whatever reason no payment will be required on the occasion of the cancellation. This is strictly limited to the time of the cancellation only and all other appointments are payable in full.

Reasons We may Cancel include but are not limited to Force Majeure, staff shortages, unforeseen circumstances, transportation issues, illness.

Termination of Our Services - Termination of Our Services requires four weeks notice in writing. All appointments booked in this notice period are to go ahead as arranged unless in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Jai P Caisley or Katie Caisley, in such circumstances, you will be notified by either Jai P Caisley or Katie Caisley of the cancellation of the appointments during this period due to exceptional circumstances. Failure to allow Our services to proceed during the notice period will result in full payment being required. Please see the section below subhead Payment for further clarification.

Non Negotiable Requirements - Non Negotiable Requirements are instances which We deem non negotiable for us to provide Our service. We must be provided with access or able to gain access to the premises without delay and subsequent delays will result in waiting time being chargeable at £10 per 15 minutes. 15 minutes is the maximum wait time we will allow before the members of the team (Cleaning staff) will be forced to leave and upon this happening, You will be charged the full chargeable amount for the time slot that was booked and allocated at the price quoted plus the additional £10 wait time.

We must also have access to running water and adequate lighting.

If You or a member of your household becomes ill with any contagious illnesses or diseases, such as but not limited to, Nora Virus, COVID, any sort of Sickness and or Diarrhoea, you must cancel the appointment. If given a minimum of 48 hours the appointment will/can be rearranged with no charge payable. Less than 48 hours notice, even in cases of illness do require the full charge for the appointment being payable with immediate effect.

Payment - Payment is to be made, in full, immediately upon acceptance of a quote upon the first occasion You seek to use Our services. Upon completion of the service for remote clients photographs can be sent at no additional cost. Full payment is to be made via BACs although in some instances cash may be paid if agreed prior with a Jai P Caisley or Katie Caisley and arrangements will be made for the collection of the cash payment. If available a card machine payment will be satisfactory. We do not accept cheques under any circumstances.

Once payment has been received upfront from the first time of Our services being employed, payment can be made immediately after the completion of the job(s) with payment terms of zero days after work has been carried out.

After four cleans and satisfactory, prompt payment in full being made each time prior, an account may be opened where you have the option to pay a maximum of 30 days after the service was cleaned. This is available only after five cleans have been complete and paid in full without delay. We reserve the right to refuse accounts without reason and suspend accounts without any reason and return to requesting prompt/immediate payment in full. This is for individuals and business to business customers.

In some instances, a direct debit payment system may be offered for regular clients. If no payment has been received from the direct debit you will be contacted to discuss the non payment and a resolution must be achieved before commencement of Our services can resume.

All payments are to be made in full and no part payments are to be made under any circumstances. Should a part payment be made and not then settled in full before the next scheduled appointment of Our services, the remaining balance of any outstanding invoices will be required in full before we can continue our services. Failure to do this before the next scheduled appointment will result in no services being carried out by Us and the appointment will not go ahead and full payment will be required for the service not carried out due to there being an outstanding balance from a previous invoice.

Any late payments received, the future commencement of Our services will require payment upfront before the service has been carried out until a reasonable period of consistency has been resumed in the payments being made in full.

Full payment is required if We attend a property and it is not as described or in the round about condition it was when quoted and it is far worse or uninhabitable. We reserve the right to refuse to complete the job as being misdescribed and full payment will be required.

Non Payment will result in a cancellation of our services being provided to You and all future scheduled appointments will be cancelled unless payment is made in full. Failure to settle outstanding balances for whatever reason may result in the debt being passed to a third party debt collection company who will pursue the debt on our behalf. In such an instance, your personal data such as name, address and contact information will be passed to them for the purpose of actioning the debt collection. The debt collection firm we use are fully compliant and FCA registered and approved. If applicable such as business to business transactions, compensation and interest at the current rate plus eight percent onto of BOE Base Rate will be charged in addition to the outstanding balance and pursued by the debt collection company.

Pricing - All pricing is aimed to be carried out as accurately as possible and as realistically as possible. All prices will be quoted and additional charges can be discussed either as ad-hoc or are detailed above. All standard pricing is final once the quote has been agreed and the signing of these Terms and Conditions have been completed.

Detailed below is a standard pricing guide. Quotes may vary depending on additional services requested and or agreed upon including the size of the premises and if a larger than two person is required.

We reserve the right to adjust Our pricing and will do so in writing and the pricing change will take effect four weeks from the notice being given and accepted by You. All appointments scheduled and booked in, in the four weeks before the new pricing takes effect, will be charged at the rate previously agreed and accepted in these Terms and Conditions.

Residential - £48 per hour for a two person team. Commercial - £55 per hour for a two person team.

Services Included in Standard Pricing - Dusting and polishing of surfaces, skirting boards, window sills, kitchen worktops and cupboard fronts, hobs and sink areas, mopping and hoovering, all areas of the bathroom, bed changes, bed making, cleaning of mirrored surfaces, dusting of ornaments, emptying of interior bins, light fittings, This list is not extensive and also not guaranteed in the service time. The cleaning team will clean and service what they can, or what they deem a priority or what You deem as a priority during the time allocated. Carpets and surfaces may be cleaned with scented products though this is not guaranteed nor is it always achievable due to specific needs.

Additional Services - All listed Additional Services are charged at £2.50 - £5 per extra Service required and qualify for no additional time added onto the time booked. Should Additional Services be required, it may be suitable to add time onto the appointment to ensure they can be completed onto of Standard Services. Additional Services can include - Cleaning of Grout, ironing, cleaning of outside windows limited to the ground floor levels, cleaning of interior side windows, cleaning of outside doors and window sills - ground floor only, Light fixtures where accessible (without the need for ladders or scaffolding) polishing of brass objects (Prior confirmation of this additional service must be obtained and not presumed will always be available), hoovering of settee cushions and under cushions, Kitchen and other cupboard interiors, physical cleaning of interior doors in addition to standard dusting/polishing, putting a load(s) of washing (Strictly only putting washing on and not waiting to pull it out or hang/load a drier), Putting a load(s) of washing in the drier if previously washed already, pulling out of settees and seating and cleaning behind them and pulling out and moving of beds and sleeping areas where accessible and achievable with Health and Safety being of paramount importance. (For individual pricing of additional items please enquire further when obtaining a quote)

Ovens - Oven cleaning may be achievable though not guaranteed. Where able and if requested, oven cleans can be added into our list of servicing however each individual oven is different and results will and may differ. Oven cleaning is priced at a minimum of 1.5 hours totalling £72. We reserve the right to refuse our oven cleaning services without explanation or notice.

Spring Clean and End of Tenancy (Residential Only) - £48 per hour for a two person team, with a minimum of two hours booked for a bungalow (max three bed non dorma) or maximum of two bedroom flat (If dorma or more than three bedroom bungalow or larger than 2 bedroom flat please see the next section on a two story house). Three hour minimum booking for two story house with a maximum of four bedrooms. Additional bedrooms will have to be quoted separately. Included is all of the above including where possible, additional services. Whatever can be completed in the allocated time will be and the lists of services included are not extensive or guaranteed in the time. Team members will decide between themselves or with the imput of yourself what is deemed as a priority during the time they have there.

Deep Cleans (Residential and Commercial):
Residential -
£50 per hour for a two person team minimum of four hours booking required. If additional team members are deemed to be required during the quote the price increases an additional £25 per team member in addition to the standard two person team. e.g a three person team for a minimum of four hours would be £75 per hour.

A deep clean is all of the above services with the intention of all of the above being completed. We will aim to provide an accurate quote upon visiting the property in requirement of a deep clean and will aim to accurately gauge how long and how many team members will be required to throughly deep clean the property. A deep clean is essentially a top down through clean of a property.

Commercial - £60 per hour for a two person team. All of the above with regards to a residential deep clean applies to the commercial deep clean except the price for commercial is as given, £60 per hour for a two person team. - Additional team members constitute to an increase of £30 per hour onto top of the additional rate.

Limitations of Our Services - Limitations of Our Services are cleaning of or contact with products of a sexual nature or paraphernalia, human excrement and bodily fluids such as urine outside of a toilet bowl. Bodily fluids such as but not limited to blood, sickness, puss. Drugs and or drug paraphernalia. Animal excrement and or fluids of any kind.

Limitations of Our Liabilities - Limitations of Our Liabilities are damages already in the property and on the property. We take no responsibility for damages of any kind that are already present. If needed we will obtain our own quotes to repair damages caused by us during the undertaking of Our services and we reserve the right to use tradesmen or provide solutions that are to an acceptable standard that we provide without further involvement from parties who have suffered from damages.